KARACHI – Famous news anchor Ayesha Khalid has disclosed that she is leaving Geo TV, where she used to do prime time news bulletin at 9pm.

On Saturday night, the 29-year-old newscaster announced her decision on Twitter and Facebook live during an interview with a fellow news anchor, Mubashir Hasmi. However, in the six minute video, she didn’t disclose her future plans.

To a question from a fan, the Lahore-born journalist categorically rejected the possibility of joining any other media house.

Ayesha, the Punjab school’s best National Debate Award winner, worked in “Mere Mutabiq” on Geo News with Sohail Waraich and Hassan Nisar. She also worked in City 42, a Lahore based news channel.

Here’s how her fellow journalists and fans reacted to her announcement: