ISLAMABAD (Staff Report) – Pakistan has been taking crucial action against terrorists in operation Zarb-e-Azb and militancy cannot be linked to a specific religion, said spokesman of foreign office on Thursday.

Addressing a weekly news briefing in Islamabad, Qazi Khalilullah went on to say that Pakistan strongly condemns Islamophobia and any other attempts to target Islam in the wake of Paris attacks.

In an answer he said that there have been no evidence of presence of so-called Islamic State group inside Pakistan however the government has already declared it a terrorist group. Pakistan is fully aware of threat of ISIS and has been taking steps towards discouraging the ideology of group.

He also stressed the world powers to give up their inclination towards India in civil nuclear deals saying this behaviour will disturb the balance of power in South Asian region.

When asked about the presence of Pakistani nationals in France, Qazi said that Pakistanis have been living in the country for many decades and there are no reports of any action against them following the deadly Paris attacks. If any Pakistani targeted in the case, we take measurements, he maintained.