While cricket maniacs flooded onto the streets draped in national flag in celebration after the national team trounced arch-rivals India in the Champions Trophy final and Twitter saw its unprecedented celebration of victory,  few seemed to remain determined to mar the celebrations with political rhetoric and rants.

Cartoonist Sabir Nazar created a stir after he posted a bizarre tweet about former cricketer Imran Khan and current captain Sarfraz Ahmed while drawing a surreal comparison laden with highly politicised insinuations.

“Sarfraz…please start a hospital in your mother’s name…so we get rid of this 92 world cup win wala,” the cartoonist tweeted.

This didn’t go down well for the jubilant cricket fans who had found an escape from the dysfunctional political climate in the splendid victory’s celebrations.

Apart from the unnecessary politicisation of the event, what drew more criticism was cartoonist’s grotesque language about the mothers of both.