LAHORE – Showing a matchless display of professionalism and bravery, a traffic warden risked his life to catch a hit and run truck driver, earning praise from his fellows and social media.

According to reports, a truck driver who rammed into a local on Grand Truck Road somewhere around Lahore was trying to flee the scene.

However, in a dramatic show, a traffic warden tried chasing the truck with heroic stunts. The traffic warden, who is sure to be rewarded by his department, clung to the side of the speedy truck and ultimately forced the driver to stop.

After stopping the truck, the warden and others gathered on site took out their frustration and started beating the driver due to an alleged collision of the truck with a pedestrian leading to his death.

Daily Pakistan Global is digging out the truth regarding the whole episode and as soon as credible information becomes available, it will be published here.