JAMAICA (Web Desk) – West Indian cricketer Chris Gayle says he has named his first daughter Blush, months after the “Don’t blush baby” comment that landed him in hot water.

The West Indian superstar flew home from the Indian Premier League for the birth of his first child.

“We would like to welcome the arrival of our beautiful daughter ‘Blush’ to this world 2 hours ago, Thank God,” he wrote, ABC News reported.

Gayle, was at the centre of a sexism scandal in January after an on-air interview with former Channel 10 presenter Mel McLaughlin.

“Hopefully we can win this game and we can have a drink after,” Gayle told the reporter, before quickly adding “don’t blush, baby”.


McLaughlin, who appeared momentarily taken aback by the comment, replied: “I’m not blushing.”

Gayle was fined $10,000 by his club Melbourne Renegades and later made an apology of sorts, describing his comments as “a simple joke”.

“There wasn’t anything meant to be disrespectful or offensive to Mel,” he said.

“If she felt that way, I’m really sorry for that. There wasn’t any harm meant in that particular way, to harm any particular person in any particular way like that.”

Since the incident, Gayle has made light of the controversy, using the “Don’t blush” phrase in another post-match interview during the Pakistan Super League.