CALIFORNIA (Web Desk) – Renowned scientist Stephen Hawking has congratulated the team which successfully detected the gravitational waves for first time in history, proving Einstein’s prediction.

In a facebook post, Hawkings compared the latest development with discovery Higgs boson; the particles which give masses to other particles.

“These experimental observations are consistent with my theoretical work on black holes in the 1970s. As a theoretical physicist, I have spent my life contributing to our understanding of the universe.”

He went on to say that it was thrilling to see predictions he made over 40 years ago such as the black hole area and uniqueness theorems being observed within his lifetime.

He further extended his hope that detection of gravitational waves will lead to further great developments to improve knowledge about how the universe works.

My congratulations to the LIGO team on their discovery of gravitational waves. It is a result that is at least as…

Posted by Stephen Hawking on Thursday, February 11, 2016