NEW YORK (Web Desk) – A New York student is set to take the title of the woman with the longest legs in the US.

Holly Burt’s legs measure 49.5 inches from hip to heel, beating the current record holder, Texan model Lauren Williams, whose legs are a mere 49 inches long.

At nearly 6ft5in, Ms Burt is the youngest and tallest in her family, but says they are all of similar height.

In an interview with Barcroft TV, Ms Burt said she was teased at school, where she was called “tree” and “giraffe,” and was recruited for the basketball team for her height.

But she says her legs are more of an asset now that she is older, with people appreciating her height rather than ridiculing it.

Ms Burt said she and Williams have already had some playful interaction on social media, and while she would “be so down for having a little show-down” with the model, she admits she is “more interested in meeting someone like me”.

Neither hold the world record for the woman with the longest legs, however. Russian Svetlana Pankratova set the Guinness World Record for the woman with the longest legs in 2003 – boasting 51.9 inch-long limbs.