MUMBAI – Indians very much like to be prepared for any sort of eventuality, even for an unreal zombie attack.

Believe it or not, a man from Mumbai recently filed an RTI (Right to Information) application with Indian government to ask if they were prepared for an attack by zombies.


“I am concerned about the readiness of our government in the event of invasion by aliens, zombies and extra dimensional beings,” asked Ajay Kumar.

“Can we do it without Will Smith?” the 26-year-old further questioned.

The Indian was referring to the Hollywood actor who fights zombies in the film I Am Legend and tackles aliens on earth in the Men in Black film franchise.


Here’s what he exactly wants to know:

I am concerned about the readiness of our Government in the event of an invasion by Aliens Zombies and Extra Dimensional Beings.

Can the Ministry of Home Affairs tell me

What plans are in place for protecting the public in the event of an invasion by Aliens or Zombies and Extra Dimensional Beings

What are our chances against them

What means does the Government have at its disposal to defeat them

Can we do it without Will Smith

 The picture of the RTI took the social media by surprise after it was posted on Twitter by journalist Abhimanyu Ghoshal who also loved the last request. “Dude files RTI request about whether Indian govt. can handle a zombie outbreak. Included my favourite part of request,” he wrote.

But the post was originally posted on Facebook by the page in June but went viral only today.

Interestingly, the government replied:



Kumar’s extra dimensional concerns were met with mixed reaction, mostly funny, on social media:

A Twitterati even grabbed Pakistan into the discussion: