SIVASAGAR (Web Desk) – A group of enraged villagers have beaten up a leopard to death and burnt it afterwards in rare incident in Sivasagar district of the northeastern Assam state in India.

Cremated: The villagers then burned the body of the dead leopard, which is said to have attacked a group of villagers collecting firewood

According to forest authorities the leopard had injured five villagers in an attack while they were collecting firewood in Kalgaon area. However they managed to kill the unfortunate animal beating with sticks. The villagers also burnt the dead leopard, authorities further added.

At risk: Leopard populations are often found close to settlements and in semi-developed areas in India as their forest habitat disappears

In a separate incident in a village in West Bengal’s Purulia district, a female leopard was beaten to death when it was spotted near the village. They chased the big cat which fearing the crowd ran into the village and got killed.

Gruesome end: Five of the villagers were injured in the attack, and told forest authorities that they fought back to 'save their lives'

Indian leopards continuously face the extinction threat as number of incidents of their killings has been rising in recent years.