JEDDAH (Web Desk) – A top Saudi scholar has warned wives against searching through their husbands’ mobile phones, noting that spousal spying accounts for 20 percent of all divorce cases.

According to the details, member of the Council of Senior Scholars and adviser to the Royal Court, Sheikh Abdullah Al-Motlaq said the act of searching through a husband’s phone is considered spying and is not permissible. He also clarified that husbands too should not search through their wive’s phones.

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This has led to many divorces due to the fact that the husband’s phone may contain some things that do not please the wife, he explained.

“Spying is haram (not permissible) and can cause problems, and is one of the major sins that leads to no good,” he explained.

He further stressed the need for a relationship of trust between husband and wife. He also cautioned women against being extravagant in spending their husband’s hard-earned money.