ABU DHABI -The General Command of Abu Dhabi Police has cautioned public against beggars using different online methods for money grab in guise of humanitarian appeals.

The police also asked the people to point out the tricks being used by online beggars, urging them not hesitate to file reports with evidence, reported.

Abu Dhabi Police have registered several reports regarding fake humanitarian appeals by fraudsters to make Internet and social media users fool to mint money.

On his official website, the police asked the public: “Ignore replying to cyberbegging messages you receive via e-mail or social media”.

It also revealed several examples of appeals used by online beggars and asked the public to raise awareness in order to save hard-earned money.

The police also directed philanthropists to submit their donations using legal channels in order to avoid electronic fraud.

Abu Dhabi Police have also initiated a public awareness campaign through social media to warn against the public against electronic beggars.