JHARKHAND – Mob violence continued unabated across India as a charged mob killed three Muslim cattle traders on rumours that they were involved in the kidnapping of local children.

According to the police, there were rumours in the village and surrounding districts that the three cattle traders, Nayeem, Seraj Khan and Sajju are child-nappers.

The whole incident started around midnight and went on till early morning hours. The mob also assaulted police officers when they tried to intervene leaving many of them seriously injured, reported one Indian daily.  The crowd outnumbered the police officials.

Cars and police jeeps were also targeted and set on fire by the villagers.

One of the three men was assaulted by a mob of as many as 100 people, while two others were tracked down through the day from a nearby village, dragged out and lynched.

Despite the fact that the victims of the mob lynching were only Muslims, police insisted there is no communal angle to it.

They said child-kidnapping rumours are rife in the region. Earlier this week, three others had been lynched amid child-napping allegations.