SHARJAH – The Watercolour Art Workshop at Sharjah International Book Fair proved to be a favourite among all ages and abilities where participants are discovering their talents – some hidden and some abundantly clear.

Professional artist Aisha AlKetbi shared her love and experience of watercolours with the would-be Turners and Van Goghs, who found her passion infectious.

‘We have students ranging from six to sixty-six years old and they have all found a new avenue for their creativity. Many of the younger ones have drafted some wonderful digital art but when they see real colours and feel real brushstrokes, it is a totally different experience’ said Aisha.

The veteran artist maintained that the most important thing you could do is to learn to see.

‘Even before you pick up a brush, go out into the world and learn to understand light and reflection and colour. You will never stop learning and you can always improve’ Aisha added.

Describing the pivotal featuer that describes the quality in painting watercolours, Aisha declared that there was probably one word for that.

‘It is not art, it is not even talent or skill. It is patience.’ she concluded at the world’s third largest book fair that would end on November 11.