PM Imran vows to ensure merit in Pakistan by fixing system

07:32 PM | 1 Jan, 2020
PM Imran vows to ensure merit in Pakistan by fixing system

ISLAMABAD – Prime Minister Imran Khan reiterated on the first day of the new year to rectify the system and ensure merit for the development of the country.

“Our target is to correct the system and subsequently bringing merit in Pakistan,” the premier was addressing a foundation stone laying ceremony of the Air University South Campus in Islamabad on Wednesday.

Khan said, “We have succeeded in stabilising the country”. He termed the vision of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) to make Pakistan an Asian tiger as small.

Turning the country into a model state like Medina was reflective of a better thought, he explained his vision.

He noted that the rule of law, humanitarian principles and education were the basis of the welfare state of Medina.

People faced harsh time in 2019, he said and predicted that Pakistan will grow in 2020. The Pakistani rupee was about to crash when the PTI took over the country, he said.

Corrective measures were needed to put the country on track, the premier said, besides admitting that the government’s steps affected the common people as the price of petrol, diesel and other necessities increased.

Addressing the students at the ceremony, he urged them to dream big and realize their potential. "Do not be afraid of dreaming big," he told students.

He also called for improving the standard of higher education in the country, adding that a revolution driven by artificial intelligence was about to happen.

The education sector was not given due attention in the past, he highlighted, adding that financial hindrances in this area were temporary.