Zayn Malik sings 'Allah ke Banday' without having mercy on 'Allah ke Banday'

08:35 PM | 1 Mar, 2018
Zayn Malik sings 'Allah ke Banday' without having mercy on 'Allah ke Banday'
So, apparently Zayn Malik is not bothered by fans reacting negatively to his cover of Kailash Kher's 'Teri Dewani'.

He has uploaded a new cover of yet another one of Kailash's hits - 'Allah ke Banday' on his Instagram page and let's just say, Teri Dewani sounded MUCH better than this. Even his staunch followers are raising eyebrows, questions and BOTH their hands after this one!

Kailash Kher 'took notice of' the inhumane treatment of his beautiful melody 'Teri Deewani' and offered Malik some music lessons: “If Malik is a real fan of Kailasa (my band), we have our digital academy starting soon. There will be a course dedicated to all our compositions, including Teri Deewani and all our other hits,” Kher told an Indian news channel.

But Mr. Kher understands that Zayn only wants to sing his songs because he admires him so Kailash offered to jam with Malik together in the future and said, “To know the correct codes and nuances, he can join the academy and enrol himself. It will help him to improve his skills.”

How very diplomatically handled, Kailash sahab!


Take a listen:

Correct lyrics: Toota toota aik parinda aise toota..

Zayn's version: Aik 'parinday' aise toota..

I swear I think I heard Bilawal Bhutto Zardari's voice when I heard that!


Don't blame us for this bad review, Zayn Malik lovers! Judging by the memes circulating after this, everyone noticed the brutal massacre of Kailash Sahab' songs:

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