Armeena Khan and Ushna Shah call out Karachi Zoo after a viral video of a bear in a terrible condition

12:22 PM | 1 Oct, 2020
Armeena Khan and Ushna Shah call out Karachi Zoo after a viral video of a bear in a terrible condition

A recent video of a bear in Karachi Zoo has left many in distress due to the terrible condition the bear appears to be in, compelling people to call out the Zoo authorities over there negligence. Soon after, celebrities also took it upon themselves due to the lack of care and attention provided to zoo animals, leading to a rapid decline in these animals' condition. This is not the first incident of mistreatment of animals in Pakistan zoos because back in July, two lions at Islamabad Zoo were burned to death due to zoo workers' negligence.

Recently, television actor Mashal Khan shared the viral video of a panting baby bear on her Instagram. She wrote, “I’m sick to my stomach after learning of this poor baby at the Karachi zoo. Being jailed without food, water, health care. Look at her panting. Look at the size of her nails. Look at her fur. Look at the agony in her eyes, begging onlookers for help. She also added, “Please help her by raising your voice against this. Shut down Karachi zoo! It is pure evil! Put an end to this!”

Actor Ushna Shah also addressed the zoo authorities' negligence and the extensive animal abuse cases that keep rising. She posted the content on her Instagram and the video with an image of a healthy-looking baby bear in a natural habitat. She wrote, “Pehlee doh videos hein Karachi Zoo mein eik reech kee jo garmee mein tarap raha hei. Teesri image hei eik reech kee jo apnay kudratee mohawel mein hei (The first two videos show a baby bear banting because of the heat at the Karachi zoo, while last imagine shows a baby bear in its natural habitats).”

“Jaanwaron ki numaish unkey saath na-insaafi hei aur unn pey shadeed Zulm hei. Agar janwar dekhne ka shoq hei toh unn key mohowl mein jaa key dekhna chahiye (The display of animals is immense injustice, if you are so interested in watching animals, kindly observe them in their natural habitats).” She further went on to address that visiting zoos contribute to the suffering of these innocent animals. “Eisee jagahon jo band karwa deina chahiye. Zoo eik eisee jail hei jahan sab qaidee bey-gunah hein (Places like the zoo should be closed down because they are prisons where all inmates are innocent).”

Moving on, she urged her followers to raise their voice against zoos in every city so that local government can take action against these inhuman practices. “Zoo aur marine-animal shows ko bilkul bhee support matt keejiye aur apney dosto aur rishtaydaron ko bhee samjhayein key janwaron ki numaish karna aur dekhna shadeed bey-rehmi hei (Do not support zoos or marine animal shows and please educate your family and friends against them. Make them understand that such exhibits are cruel).”

Actor Armeena Khan also commented on the matter and took to Twitter to urge authorities to act against this brutality. She wrote, “Here we go again, This time it’s Karachi zoo. This poor bear is thirsty, extremely hot, and probably very, very hungry. This creature will die if something isn’t done for it. Please help.”

Addressing the #SaveTheBear hashtag, advisor to Chief Minister Sindh on Law and Environment Murtaza Wahab Siddiqui, informed his followers on twitter about the bear’s health. He said, “Initially, we had sought a report from Zoo, and today Municipal Commissioner personally visited the Zoo. The name of this bear is Ranoo. She is in stable health condition and is being looked after. However, there may be issues of loneliness since she is the only bear in the zoo.”

Armeena Khan addressed the tweet from the Administrator Karachi Iftikhar Ali Shallwani, who had informed his followers about the bear’s ‘safety’. She wrote, “Sir, please release all zoo animals to an appropriate sanctuary and end their suffering. These creatures belong in the wild, not in cages for our preserve entertainment. Thank you.”

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However, there is silence surrounding the issue of releasing zoo animals. Celebrities have taken it upon themselves with a petition to do rounds on social media to amplify the cause. Khan shared the petition on her Instagram saying, “In reference to the videos I posted yesterday regarding Karachi Zoo’s negligence, we have decided we want to do something about it. Please contact the given number to add to your name to the list of petitioners. My name and address is there as well. This is how we can make a difference. Please, let’s do our part in ending this cruelty.”