Pakistani man kills Indian colleague in Dubai to avoid trip back home

07:04 PM | 2 May, 2019
Pakistani man kills Indian colleague in Dubai to avoid trip back home
SHARJAH - A Pakistani man working in Dubai killed his co-worker so he could be sent behind bars and avoid a return to the country.

The 27-year-old was afraid of having to go back to Pakistan after learning that he was being blackmailed in his homeland, Dubai Criminal Court record shows.

On February 26 of this year, he spotted the victim taking a midday nap during his break at a construction site in Nad Al Hamar, Dubai, and strangled him with his own scarf.

The victim, Indian national, died while an ambulance was relocating him to hospital

A police captain said in evidence that other workers had to restrain the attacker.

“Witnesses confirmed that the accused and the victim had never had any kind of altercation,” said the captain.

The attacker was arrested who told police that his brother in Pakistan had received naked pictures of him, leaving him ashamed to return to the country, The National reported.

“He admitted to me that there were no differences between him and the victim and he only decided to kill him so he could be sent to jail,” said a policeman who questioned the accused.

“He also told me that he specifically picked this victim because he was old and would not resist,” he added.

Two workers testified the murder while an Egyptian worker confirmed that the suspect continued to strangle the fellow despite being pushed away by others.

In court, the accused admitted a premeditated murder charge; the case was adjourned until May 13 in order for legal counsel to be appointed for the defendant.