Beyonce claims "Girls Run the World" yet pays her female employees 54 cents an hour

01:41 PM | 3 Aug, 2018
Beyonce claims
LAHORE - Beyonce’s Ivy Park apparel line is still abusing factory workers in Sri Lanka, according to more claims.  The clothing line which 'signifies' female empowerment is paying women approximately 54 cents an hour.

Unwilling to make adjustments to its labor abuse practices, the line seems to be continuing with the same pattern. If women empowerment meant so much to the singer then a payment a little more than this one would have been in order. But 54 cents per hour would clearly be declared as exploitation of the needy Sri Lankan women.

“Poverty-stricken seamstresses making some of the clothes in the MAS Holdings ­factory in Sri Lanka earn just £4.30 a day,” a report noted.

“Ivy Park has a rigorous ethical trading program,” the company responded.

The price of an Ivy Park article ranges from around $30 up to $300.