Pakistani hairdresser uses strange tools for cutting hair

07:45 PM | 3 Feb, 2021
Pakistani hairdresser uses strange tools for cutting hair

Art and style have gotten bizarre with surprisingly new talents pouring in on daily basis. Currently, the internet is ablaze with the video of a barber in Pakistan, who is bringing a unique flair to haircutting business. 

Using fire and sharp-edged saw to help women look their finest, the barber is a trendsetter as he effortlessly glides through the task of cutting hair with utmost precision.

While flames are used for disposal of split ends, mainly a saw blade is used to cut hair. In the video, the barber can be spotted trimming the hair of three female models. 

He gets rid of damaged deadends by setting his client’s hair-ends on fire and quickly nipping the flame off with his fingers. To give a bouncy effect, he further proceeds using the blade and gives the cut the client wishes to have - be it a blowout, long bangs or pixie cut.

After the haircut, the clients looked utterly satisfied and their composure during the haircut was also visibly relaxed which further elaborates that the barber is highly skilled and his loyal customers trust him.

This is not the first time that a haircut technique has left the netizens baffled. Recently, an extremely peculiar hair cutting technique with the help of pigtails came as a shock as it became the talk of the town.

Here is the full video of the unique haircutting style of the barber in a Pakistani salon:

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