Jovago Launches #Picture Pakistan Campaign to Promote Tourism in Pakistan

05:57 PM | 4 Mar, 2016
Jovago Launches #Picture Pakistan Campaign to Promote Tourism in Pakistan
Lahore (web Desk) - If we have everything it takes to be a top tourist destination, why not capitalize on that. Be it natural beauty, infrastructures, talent, hospitable people, top hotels or amazing facts, Pakistan has it all to attract a tourist and be on top of one’s travel bucket list. Jovago, as an entity, has always aimed to promote domestic tourism in Pakistan along with the tourism industry as a whole. This is why Jovago has come up with different engaging ideas and platforms to do so since its inception.

Jovago Pakistan has launched a campaign as “#Picture Pakistan”. This campaign is based on encouraging the Pakistani people to click and share pictures from any corner of the country that highlight its beauty and proves that Pakistan is the place to be. To be a part of the campaign, Pakistanis have to share the photo on Instagram with the hashtag of #PicturePakistan.

This campaign targets to highlight the positivist of Pakistan and by becoming a part of this campaign, anyone from anywhere in the world can browse the tremendously striking photos of the country. It also aims to engage people in sharing their travel experience within Pakistan and what the world doesn’t know about it.

Nadine Malik, Managing Director of Jovago Pakistan said, “Pakistan is one of the most beautiful country in Asia, or rather in the world, and Jovago has created a positive impact for tourism in Pakistan in one year’s time.”

If you believe that before traveling abroad for a vacation, Pakistan should be truly explored, don’t hesitate even once to be a part of this fruitful campaign. It will not only improve Pakistan’s image in the travelers’ eyes but also enlighten the locals about how rich our country is in terms of discovering.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab that smartphone of yours and be a part of promoting tourism in Pakistan!