The HBLPSL Crease with Ramiz!

12:59 PM | 4 Mar, 2016
The HBLPSL Crease with Ramiz!
HBLPSL has clearly been a story that will have us delighted for a long while, despite the recent exit from the Asia Cup of our cricket team, it still fills us up with a ray of hope. So to lighten our cricketing cells again let’s review one of the great content pieces that came out with the tournament

HBL Pakistan Super League, brought together the sports talent both national and international, working and creating history together on the same field. HBLPSL becomes the most phenomenal platform for aspiring cricketers, commentators, sports journalists, entertainment evangelists and every individual who dreams of achieving something.

HBLPSL didn’t just take place with a great show of cricket but also with responsible reporting, critical talent and cricket analysis and great commentary by Ramiz Raja at HBL’s very own On the Crease with Ramiz.

The dedicated segment was exclusively responsible for constructive criticism, analysis and answering questions of those who follow cricket religiously.

The segment featured Ramiz Raja at the end of every match, responding to people’s cricket and PSL related questions, engaging and interacting with them while also doing what he does the best – cricket commentary.

On the Crease with Ramiz as a segment alone proves HBL’s dedication towards owning the platform of sports in Pakistan, taking it to a whole new level and providing an opportunity for the aspiring individuals to grow as well as the nation to bond over the sport we love the most! Kudus to HBL, Ramiz Raja and PCB for this prodigious creation – HBLPSL!