'Lockdown causing Rs1 billion rupees losses to railway system in every week'

10:09 PM | 5 Apr, 2020
'Lockdown causing Rs1 billion rupees losses to railway system in every week'

ISLAMABAD - Minister for Railways, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed on Sunday said Pakistan railways was facing the loss of one billion rupees due to lockdown in the country.

Every week, the railway was losing Rs one billion due to suspension of train service, in wake of Coronavirus threat, he stated while talking to a private news channel program. Commenting on a time frame for resumption of train service, he said the decision would be taken after April 14.

He hoped that after normalization of the situation, 22 trains could be made operational to facilitate the passengers waiting anxiously for enjoying comfortable service to reach their homes. Giving an example of India, the minister said the people living in the neighboring country had to face immense trouble due to the closure of the communication system. He added that some people while traveling long distances by foot had lost their lives because they could not find a train or any other communication services for reaching their home.

To a question about sugar and wheat report, he said the responsible persons should be awarded punishment. Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said that corruption could not be made without involving bureaucrat and politicians. The minister said there was a sugar mafia in the country who wanted to intrude into the affairs of the economic coordination committee to fulfill their designs. To another question regarding the weak accountability process, he said not a single thief involved in money laundering was found in jail.