Nadia Hussain wins hearts with latest video

06:58 PM | 6 Aug, 2022
Nadia Hussain wins hearts with latest video
Source: Nadia Hussain (Instagram)

Supermodel-actor Nadia Hussain has made her strong presence felt in showbiz with her impeccable acting skills and glamorous looks but one thing that people downright adore about her is her ability to call a spade a spade.

This time around, the Jalan actor has left her fans amused and agreeing to her latest video where she aptly describes the insignificance of love or romance in the current times where inflation has been making everyone miserable.

The aforementioned video shows Nadia hilariously advising about forgetting the heart matters and paying attention to utility bills. The accuracy of the video has the netizens cracking up.

Earlier, Nadia came under fire after she passed comments about newer models not being "educated" enough and lacking "class" and "personality" compared to models from her generation.

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