Devastating reality of breast cancer

10:39 PM | 6 Jan, 2018
Devastating reality of breast cancer

“Women have to face serious consequences after getting their breast cancer treatment done”


Breast cancer is fifth most common cause of death from cancer in women.

We can only imagine the struggles of a certain female fighting for life and surviving breast cancer but the real tough time starts after the treatment, there are hundreds of stories which don’t have happy endings such is the case of Linda who was divorced after mastectomy. Survivors husband called her “half-woman”.

In an interview with Al-Jazeera mother of three told how there are worst things than cancer like abandoning your sick wife.

Patients in Algeria are abandoned due to hair and breast loss by their husbands and families as the amount of acceptance after the treatment is very low.

Abandonment can have serious consequences on the patients! 

A non-profit organization is working to support females who are abandoned by providing them facilities. An organization called “Nour Doha” is helping Linda and other females like her.

Breast cancer is not contagious!!

Samia Gasmi the president of Nour Doha explains how some females won’t even discuss about their diagnosis and would want to keep it a secret as they are scared they will be abandoned.

While others condemn such act:

However awareness against this killer disease and support for the patients have been shown on a very large scale , in Georgetown basketball players will be seen in pink Air Jordan’s to show support against breast cancer.

Men against breast cancer!! 

Family members sharing their experiences:

 Public Service Messages: 

Women prefer ending their lives rather than getting their mastectomy done as the society will not accept them and they will be treated differently. We need to stop this horrible practice of bringing the cancer patients down smile at them with love and it will make their day. Small acts of kindness can make a difference!