Who let the OSTRICH out? (VIDEO)

11:11 PM | 6 Jan, 2021
Who let the OSTRICH out? (VIDEO)

KARACHI - Amid coronavirus and lockdown, where humans are relaxing at home and spending time with their families, animals are able to find the otherwise busy roads free to roam around.

A video of an ostrich running across a road in Karachi's Korangi No. 4 area went viral on the internet on Wednesday.

The 21-second video shows the large flightless bird running aimlessly on a Karachi road while the onlookers watch the bird with utmost amusement. 

According to the police, the ostrich had escaped a private park on Tuesday, and succeeded in making its way outside.

"Ostriches are afraid of water. This one escaped from a private park when water entered there," said police. "The park's employees ran after it and captured the bird."

Here's the video of the ostrich moving around on the street:

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