Social media applauds Geo TV's decision to suspend Khalil-ur-Rehman's contract

12:31 PM | 6 Mar, 2020
Social media applauds Geo TV's decision to suspend Khalil-ur-Rehman's contract

LAHORE - Twitterati have come forward in droves to appreciate national television "Geo Entertainment"'s decision to suspend a contract with Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar after he used foul language against activist Marvi Sirmed during a TV show aired this week.

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Let's have a look at some of the reactions:

A statement from Geo Entertainment issued Thursday (yesterday) said the contract would remain suspended until Qamar apologised, clarifying that the company had entered into a non-exclusive agreement with the writer, similar to the ones he has with other TV channels. Qamar, who is working with other TV channels as well, is also involved in a movie project that features renowned actors Mehwish Hayat and Humayun Saeed and is being shot these days.

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"Geo believes in exchange of ideas and promoting the culture of Live and Let Live (Geo our Jeenay do) we believe that everyone has the right to express their opinions and the culture of the healthy debate should be encouraged," a statement from the channel read.

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The statement further said such debates should be held in the norms of decency and with respect. "He [Qamar] not only used abusive language against a woman but also refused to accept his mistake and apologise for it," read the statement.

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