Pakistani ace gamer Arslan Ash wins big at international Tekken 7 competition

11:46 AM | 7 Dec, 2021
Pakistani ace gamer Arslan Ash wins big at international Tekken 7 competition

TALLAHASSEE – Pakistan’s Arslan Ash Siddique has taken first place in Tekken 7 at CEO 2021 after he defeated the ‘hometown’ American hero Hoa ‘Anakin’ Luu in a thrilling Grand Finals set in Florida, USA.

The 25-year-old Tekken pro, who already made a name for himself in the world by winning two major Tekken tournaments in the US, again drawing accolades from the international gaming community for his stirring performance at CEO 2021.

Right after winning the hearts of his fans, Arsalan took to Twitter where he mentioned the recent feat as a ‘big’ one but he mentioned to keep grinding for more.

"ALHAMDULILLAH! I managed to win #CEO2021 in Florida, which puts another big title under my belt. I will keep grinding for more, but this is a big one for me and it's all thanks to being part of the STRONGEST Tekken community, the Pakistan one", the tweet reads.

CEO 2021 was the Pakistani gaming prodigy’s second offline event that he clinched in 2021 after taking 1st at WePlay Ultimate Fighting League back in April.

On his path to Finale, Ash won all matches without losing a single game and the top title is a monumental and emotional feat for the international Tekken star.

Earlier in November, he was forced to pull out of an international event in Las Vegas due to visa issues which restricted him from traveling to the US however he managed to attend CEO.

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Siddique, who was ESPN’s best e-sports player in 2019, has been a part of the Fighting Game Community for some time. He went viral after defeating Jae-Min ‘Knee’ Bae at the grand final of the 2019 Evolution Championship Series and holds the title to be the only player to have won in the EVO Championship Japan as well as its American counterpart in the same year.