'Jinnah was right', Indians feel sorry for supporting Hindu-led ideology since 1947 partition

10:37 PM | 8 Dec, 2020
'Jinnah was right', Indians feel sorry for supporting Hindu-led ideology since 1947 partition

NEW DELHI – Farmers in India announced a nationwide strike on Tuesday while staging a huge demonstration on the Dehli border against new agricultural laws passed by Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

While millions in India took to the streets to protest against the Hindu-nationalist party, others, who couldn’t join the protests, took to social media in support of the farmers.

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A hashtag that got viral was #Jinnah where Indians seem to agree with the ideology of Pakistan’s founder – the Quaid-e-Azam, Muhammad Ali Jinnah.



Many other hashtags including #IndiaShutdown, #FarmersProtest started to trend on Twitter in the entire region.


Also, Pakistanis also took to the social media to show their support for the Indian farmers with #PakStandsWithIndianFarmers that is trending today.




Meanwhile, thousands of people were protesting in support of the farmers outside the Indian embassy in central London.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, protest sites around New Delhi have turned into camps with entire families cooking and sleeping in the open and Sikh religious organisations were providing them with face masks, water and food.

At least 20 regional and national opposition parties backed the call for the strike.

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