Tera Jism Meri Marzi – Ali Gul Pir and Eva B collaborate for Women's Day music video

07:40 PM | 8 Mar, 2021
Tera Jism Meri Marzi – Ali Gul Pir and Eva B collaborate for Women's Day music video

Ali Gul Pir has slowly yet surely built a strong niche for himself. A lethal combination of strong vocals and passive wit - Ali yet again addresses the issue at hand that demand attention in a subtle way.

Known for his brutal honesty, he dedicated a new song Tera Jism Meri Marzi which tackles the misunderstood slogan this Women’s Day.

The slogan ragged the entire nation as it was stripped from its authentic meaning and got repeatedly criticized for promoting vulgarity. Pir is unapologetic when he is discussing the harassment issue - giving the much-needed reminder about the true meaning of the slogan.

"Tera Jism Meri Marzi because how dare a woman say she has ownership over her own body. Not on my watch!" Pir captioned the post on his Instagram handle.

Tera Jism Meri Marzi shows various kinds of harassment and injustice faced by women, ranging from domestic violence to street harassment where Eva B, a young niqabi rapper from Lyari is the star of the song who is the epitome of woman empowerment.

The lyrics are subtle taunts towards misogynist standards of the society, “Chup aurat achi… bolnay waali gandi” (A silent woman is a good woman. However, a woman who speaks for herself is bad).

Indeed a thought provoking video, Pir's initiative to talk on gender-based violence has been highly praised.

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