Taliban warns TTP splinter groups of 'military action' for violating peace talks: report

02:17 PM | 8 Nov, 2021
Taliban warns TTP splinter groups of 'military action' for violating peace talks: report

ISLAMABAD – Taliban officials warned military action against those groups which were not willing to resolve the ongoing turmoil, Express Tribune reported.

The recent development came after the Taliban offered to mediate between Pakistan and banned TTP however the new Afghan setup promised military action against splinter groups, which were not willing to reconcile.

The ‘face-to-face’ discussions, facilitated by the Taliban have reportedly yielded an accord on a conditional truce, while official confirmation is awaited.

Pakistan earlier called on the Afghan Taliban to deal with banned outfits including Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) other than Baloch terror groups which have been operating out of the war-torn country for years.

The report further added that Islamabad made a demand that all these groups must not only be denied to operate but also seek military action if they failed to negotiate. Pakistan also shared a list of wanted terrorists seeking their extradition.

Earlier, it was reported that Sirajuddin Haqqani played the key role of mediator while TTP agreed to announce a month-long ceasefire in return for Pakistan releasing dozens of terrorist group's prisoners.

The South Asian country is trying to persuade peace talks within the TTP and its affiliates. Taliban also assured Pakistan that no group would be allowed to use Afghan soil against Pakistan.

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