Bilawal Bhutto is 'suffering from psychological disorder'

10:15 PM | 9 Sep, 2015
Bilawal Bhutto is 'suffering from psychological disorder'
KARACHI (Web Desk) - Former petroleum minister for Sindh and close aide of co-chairman Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Asif Zardari, Dr Asim Hussain has revealed that PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto is suffering from Psychological disorder.

The revelation is said to be made in a leaked Rangers investigation report, the newstribe reported.

Dr Asim who is under Rangers custody has stated that Bilawal is a patient of a mental disorder called Bipolar Disorder.

People who have bipolar disorder can have periods in which they feel overly happy and energized and other periods of feeling very sad, hopeless, and sluggish. In between those periods, they usually feel normal. You can think of the highs and the lows as two “poles” of mood, which is why it’s called “bipolar” disorder.