Here's what Hamza Ali Abbasi has to say about Zindagi Tamasha's ban

01:26 PM | 10 Feb, 2020
Here's what Hamza Ali Abbasi has to say about Zindagi Tamasha's ban

ISLAMABAD - Sarmad Khoosat’s Zindagi Tamasha release has become an impossible task in Pakistan amid controversies that have marred the film.

Ever since the release of the film has been called off a number of people belonging to entertainment fraternity are raising their concerns over the matter.

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Recently, the PHJ starlet, Hamza Ali Abbasi has taken up the subject and in a detailed video message, he has shared his thoughts about the matter of ban on Zindagi Tamasha release.

While sharing the video message link on Twitter, Hamza wrote, “A request to those calling for the ban of Zindagi Tamasha film. Please listen to this once & THINK”.

“I won’t take names cause I don’t believe in finger-pointing but a certain religious-political group is trying to ban the release of Zindagi Tamasha. I would generally like to request all those that are against the film to first look at the subject matter. It doesn’t in any way disrespect Naat Khwans (Naat reciters) or religion in general. In fact, it talks about the greater set of responsibilities on religious figures in society, as a result of which they have to impose certain restrictions on themselves,” Hamza said.

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“If you have any objections to the content of Zindagi Tamasha, then raise them vocally. It is your right.  However, if you justify your intolerance then there is no difference between you and an RSS worker in India,” asserted Hamza Ali Abbasi.

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“Please, for God’s sake, abstain from such behaviour. I would also like to tell the relevant authorities that for whatever reason, if you keep on tolerating such calls from non-state actors, then the day is not far that an extremist terrorist like Narendra Modi rises to power in Pakistan,” he concluded.