From supermodel's diary: Ayyan Ali spent Rs169k on single court appearance

05:52 PM | 10 May, 2015
From supermodel's diary: Ayyan Ali spent Rs169k on single court appearance
RAWALPINDI (Staff Report) - Supermodel Ayyan Ali, who is currently detained in Adiala jail for smuggling $500,000 to Dubai, spent around Rs 169,000 on preparations for her appearance in Rawalpindi court on Saturday.

The jailed model paid Rs45,000 for her makeup, according to the detail, while splashing away Rs52,000 for her exclusively designed dress. She also wore a French perfume on the day of hearing.

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Ayyan considers the hearing day as one of the toughest, sources inside the jail disclosed while quoting details from the pages of her personal diary.

On every hearing, the fashion model has to wake up early and make special preparation for her appearance in court that includes her hairstyling and selection of a special dress from her collection.

“I have to face media persons and cameras while appearing in the courtroom, whereas everything inside the jail remains the same. Only the faces of duty officers change in shifts,” the model noted in her diary.

The model also mentioned that she gets assistance from the female cops in making hairstyles, adding that her fellow inmates also take good care of her. However, the jail authorities have denied such reports.

According to her personal diary notes, Ayyan spends most of her time in jail while making phone calls or meeting with guests.