Twitter in uproar over Aftab Iqbal’s remarks about Babar Azam

03:17 PM | 10 Oct, 2022
Twitter in uproar over Aftab Iqbal’s remarks about Babar Azam

Noted Pakistani televangelist Aftab Iqbal is being called out on social media for his irresponsible comments about Pakistani skipper Babar Azam, who rules the hearts of millions of cricket fans.

From playing on the streets of Punjab's capital to the international arenas, Pakistani star player Babar Azam climbed a summit unreached by any Pakistani player in recent years.

The world-class player also amassed a huge fan following on social media as Babar holds one of the greatest ODI averages in history right now.

Meanwhile, Pakistani TV host Aftab Iqbal, who is known as a pioneer of comedy shows, draws the wrath of social media users and fans for calling Babar Azam an arrogant person.

The comments of the self-proclaimed intellectual miffed many social media users, and they’ve taken to the microblogging site to point out how Aftab Iqbal used mainstream media to satisfy his ego.

As the clip of program started trending on social media, Aftab Iqbal’s name started trending on Twitter as he garnered flak; many reminded former Khabarnak host how Babar Azam became star.

“Babar Azam is no longer a star, at least for me, he is not a star…Not because he dropped catches or he failed to score but due to his ego problems,” Aftab can be heard saying in viral clip.

Aftab maintained that Babar has started to have grudge with team players. He mentioned Babar’s past in a disgraceful way and added that Babar needs to remember where he started.

You rose to heights of fame with the Almighty’s blessings and now are dealing with ego issues. It is very sad yet shameful, he added.

His scathing comments about Babar, the second fastest player to 2000 ODI runs, did not sit well with the fans as they stormed to social media to defend the star batter.

Some people reminded Aftab Iqbal for keeping his personal views to himself while others shared their personal interactions with Babar, arguing about his humbleness.

Here are some of the reactions: