Trend of ‘Niaz’ distribution on Ashura still alive across country

02:50 PM | 10 Sep, 2019
Trend of ‘Niaz’ distribution on Ashura still alive across country
ISLAMABAD - As Hazrat Imam Hussain (R.A) and his followers were martyred on the scorching sands of Karbala on the 10th of Muharram, the citizens from all across the country have set up Sabeel (water stalls) and cooked Haleem (Niaz) to distribute among the faithful during the Ashura day.

According to citizens, many people continued to flock to caterers to keep the tradition of distributing food on Youm-e-Ashur alive. Haleem, Biryani, chanay walay chawal and Kheer remained the top choices.

The haleem is cooked every year on the 9th and 10th of Muharram and to be distributed for free.

A citizen of Rawalpindi Zeeshan Hassan said many dishes were prepared for Niaz including haleem, chickpeas and rice. Haleem is the most popular dish for Niaz in these two days, he added.

Javed Lukman running a business of catering in Islamabad city said, "we prepare haleem every day but demand increases during Muharram and we try to prepare beforehand for Niaz".

He said on the other side people mostly call caterers to their homes during Muharram and provide them with all the ingredients for haleem which they make outside the house.

Another worker in catering said, "We cook Kheer round the year but there is a lot of demand for it during Muharram as citizens are distributing special foods to their relatives, neighbours and poor".

He said our restaurant taking the bulk of orders these days to fulfil the demand.

A citizen Sana Jeffery said the distribution of Niaz and feasts during Muharram are a customary practice for nearly all who engage in the remembrance of Karbala during this holy month, food is specially prepared for mourners on the streets during Ashura.

A Shopkeeper of Sweetshop said, we are receiving a large number of orders and we are also offering discounts for gatherings during this month.