Top 15 Richest Senators of Pakistan

09:30 PM | 11 Nov, 2020
Top 15 Richest Senators of Pakistan

ISLAMABAD – The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has recently issued details of assets owned by the members of the Senate in 2019-20.

According to the ECP, here’s a list of the members of the Parliament’s upper house who own assets worth billions.

Taj Muhammad Afridi

Assets worth Rs1.22 billion

Azam Swati

Assets worth Rs810 million

Farogh Naseem

Assets worth Rs400 million

Talha Mahmood

Rs90 million in bank accounts; vehicles and properties worth over Rs200m; Rs27m in investments; Other assets Rs33m.

Rehman Malik

Foreign assets worth 1.3 million pounds

Shehzad Waseem

Over Rs200 million while his wife owns assets worth Rs170 million.

Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar

Immovable properties worth Rs120 million, besides having shares of Rs5 million in stocks, vehicles worth up to Rs38.4m & Rs23.4m in bank accounts

Chaudhry Tanveer

Agriculture land of Rs36.7 million; non-agricultural land of Rs47.4m; Rs37.9m in bank accounts; and furniture worth Rs2.5m.

Sadiq Sanjrani 

Assets worth Rs106.3 million; 4 vehicles.

Abdul Qayyum

Senator Abdul Qayyum owns assets including land worth Rs86.4 million.

Saleem Mandviwalla

Assets worth Rs67.7 million

Shibli Faraz

Assets up to Rs46.7 million

Muzafar Hussain Shah

Assets worth Rs30 million

Raza Rabbani

Rs15.3 million investments; Rs6.2m worth gifted property; millions in bank accounts

Mushahidullah Khan

Plots worth Rs7.5 million; shares of Rs65,000 in stocks; jewellery worth Rs0.8m; Rs3.1 million in bank accounts

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