Six ‘influential paedophiles’ rounded up in Sargodha

09:02 AM | 12 Apr, 2018
Six ‘influential paedophiles’ rounded up in Sargodha
SARGODHA – Police have arrested suspects allegedly involved in molesting and filming underage boys while holding them at gunpoint in an area of Sargodha.

FIR has been registered at Jhal Chakian police station against six accused persons, including Amir, Zuhair, Jehangir, Tanweer, and Rehmat Khan, who are residents of village Lak Mor.

The action came after the police obtained videos of horrific child sexual abuse circulating on social media and online text messages services.

According to police, the alleged paedophiles held the minors at gunpoint and then sexually assaulted them or pushed them into inappropriate sexual activities. They also filmed them and shared the video on social media, besides blackmailing the innocent boys.

Families of the victims were not raising the issue due to fear as the suspects were said to be influential persons in the village.

While the survivors and their families have chosen to not come forward with the matter due to fear of "repercussions" from the "influential suspects", police said they had arrested six suspects and filed an FIR against them.

The police have recovered videos of 13 underage boys from the possession of the arrested suspects.