Telenor releases exciting teaser for 'Rawaan', have you figured out what it is?

12:50 PM | 12 Aug, 2016
Telenor releases exciting teaser for 'Rawaan', have you figured out what it is?
We're sure that by this point most of you might have gotten the chance to catch the series of teasers that have been showing on our TV screens. While we don’t know much about what “Rawaan” is and what it means, we do know that Rawaan has been brought to us from Telenor. Each Rawaan teaser manages to grip and successfully hold your attention. Anyone who has seen it will agree that each visual is awe-inspiring.

Let’s break down what we know about “Rawaan” so far. For one thing, each teaser is followed by a tagline referencing Telenor. What is its significance? Perhaps, a movie is being released? A new TV series? Or is Telenor coming out with a new product or service? We don’t know yet.

This adds a level of excitement to the already present mystery because it injects something new and fresh into the 14th August related media items we see on our TVs these days. So whatever these brief shots are about, they are truly exciting and we can’t wait to see what they represent.

While we may not know exactly what “Rawaan” is yet, we think it is talking about a journey of some kind. This could mean a literal journey we might undertake at some time in our life or a metaphorical journey that each of us goes on in search of something or the other. Regardless, we are highly excited for the grand reveal when the curtain is lifted off of “Rawaan” and things become clearer.