Pakistan playing negative role in countering cross-border terrorism, Hillary Clinton alleges in India tour

12:47 PM | 12 Mar, 2018
Pakistan playing negative role in countering cross-border terrorism, Hillary Clinton alleges in India tour
NEW DELHI -  Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has alleged that Pakistan was not helping enough with resolving issues related to cross-border terrorism and problems faced by its neighbour Afghanistan.

Addressing the audience at the India Conclave 2018 on Sunday, the former secretary insinuated that the US never actually got much from them (Pakistan) in terms of cooperation to help or support in bringing stability in Afghanistan.

To a question asked by the Indian newsmen about US role to control the cross-border terrorism in India, Hillary said that US had tried a variety of ways to address it adding that America even had international troops along the India-Pakistan border.

"It was impossible to contain the threat owing to the fact there was a safe haven across the border and that Pakistan itself was not providing the consistent support that was required" claimed the former US First Lady.

The former presidential candidate not only spew venom against Pakistan, while sitting in India, but also admitted Islamabad's efforts in jointly weeding out terrorism with Washington.

"It was never a negative story. Pakistan had assisted US in identifying terrorists, arresting them and taking action against them," said the 70-year-old politician.

She said, however, that Pakistan's cooperation was never enough, but just enough to keep up the momentary engagement and not relevant in terms of resolving the issue in the long run.

US Aware of Pakistan's Role

Hillary claimed that the US was well aware of the trouble Pakistan caused India adding that US was conscious of the existence of forces within Pakistan whose main preoccupation was India.

The high-profile US strategist also recalled memories of her India tour after the 26/11 terror attack that killed around 165 referring to her meeting with the manager of the Taj Hotel whose wife and child were murdered in the attack.

Hillary said that the US had not turned a blind eye to problems caused by Pakistan and it never adopted a strategy that could endanger India.

"In fact Pakistan itself was ambivalent about the problems within and those across the border in Afghanistan," observed Mrs. Clinton.

Hunting Osama bin Laden in Pakistan

The ex-US secretary of state expressed that she was present in the situation room advising the then president Barack Obama on the raid against Laden labeled 'Operation Neptune Spear'. She said that it was a tough decision because the intelligence was 40-60 per cent.

"I had recommended the President to launch the raid while others had a different opinion. The President, however, eventually green signaled the raid," said Hillary Clinton.

She went further claiming that the US was aware of the negativity, the operation would cause in Pakistan, however, US had to make the move nonetheless.