Here’s how unfair A-level Cambridge grades are making Pakistani students go crazy

08:40 PM | 13 Aug, 2020
Here’s how unfair A-level Cambridge grades are making Pakistani students go crazy

KARACHI - The global pandemic has resulted in an exceptionally troublesome year for almost everyone out there. Every sector has been unpleasantly impacted; from travel bans to imposed lockdowns in each country, this year has been anything but easy. 

The most recent sector to be caught in the whirlwind happens to be the education sector. By the end of April, Cambridge System had announced the cancellation of their annual examinations, stating for A-level students to be graded on their previous results and performance. With little hope and the fear of wasting a year, students opted for that option. The much-awaited result has now been finally announced and has decided the fate for so many students.

Student's disappointments are going through the roof with the received results, and all are trying to speculate how Cambridge possibly calculated their grades. 

Let’s have a look at how students and teachers have reacted towards the unfair grading criteria.

Many have been trying to address it as an academic crime as how distinction students ended up with not so distinction grades.

While some are lashing out, others are trying to lighten the situation by making jokes and memes.

Not only that, but so many students are demanding a re-evaluation of their grades. And honestly, it’s just fair. Look at how petitions are being formed for a grade review!

Teachers are complaining about how students deserving higher grades ended up with lower ones. And this is honestly not fair.

Jokes apart, this disparity by the Cambridge system is bound to have detrimental effects on every student’s future. Admissions in all the best universities are strictly dependent on each student’s A-level grades. 

Generally, these grades are a result of a student’s hard work throughout the year. It’s hugely demotivating and depressive for students to get anything less than they deserved or worked for. We genuinely feel sorry for all those impacted by this and hope all of them get the re-evaluation they deserve.