Kashmir Martyrs Day: PM Imran pays tribute to Kashmiris for their struggle against limitless tyranny

10:08 AM | 13 Jul, 2021
Kashmir Martyrs Day: PM Imran pays tribute to Kashmiris for their struggle against limitless tyranny

ISLAMABAD – Prime Minister Imran Khan Tuesday paid tribute to Kashmiris on Kashmir Martyrs Day for their struggle against tyranny illegal Indian Occupation.

In a tweet, Khan referred to the 22 Kashmiris who were martyred 89 years ago during a protest against the autocratic rule of a Hindu Maharaja in the Muslim majority state as the ‘forefathers of today's Kashmiri resistance’.

The premier in this regard wrote, “We stand with Kashmiris on Kashmir Martyrs’ Day and pay tribute to 22 Shuhada of 13 July 1931, martyred when the Dogra Maharaja’s soldiers fired on peaceful protestors.”

The tweet further stated that “Kashmiris’ struggle against tyranny and illegal Indian Occupation is steeped in a history of resistance and sacrifice.”

In another tweet of the series, PM mentioned that Kashmir Martyrs Day is reminiscent of the utmost price paid for freedom by brave Kashmiris.

“This indomitable spirit of resistance remains alive as Kashmiri men & women continue to fight illegal Indian Occupation. Pakistan stands with the Kashmiris in their just struggle & will not compromise till they get their right to self-determination guaranteed by UNSC resolutions,” it further stated.

It was on July 13, 1931, when tens of hundreds of Kashmiris gathered outside the premises of Central Jail in Srinagar where Abdul Qadeer, a resident of British India, was being tried on the charge of sedition, for inciting Kashmiris against the Dogra ruler at a gathering in Khanqah-i-Muallah on June 21, the same year.

At the time of Zuhr prayer, one of the boys stood to make a call to prayer and was shot dead by the armed forces. He was succeeded by another member who met the same fate. In all, 22 men rose to complete the call to prayer and all were dead in a short time.

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