Karachi woman beats up driver for ‘jerking off’ inside rickshaw (VIDEO)

06:51 PM | 13 Mar, 2021
Karachi woman beats up driver for ‘jerking off’ inside rickshaw (VIDEO)

KARACHI – In a bizarre event in Sindh capital, a girl travelling with her mother beat up a rickshaw driver who allegedly started masturbating after creeping the passengers through the rearview mirror. 

Shahtaj Qadir, a Karachi University student, was returning home with her mother in a rickshaw at midnight when the girl realised that the driver had slowed down the ride.

After which he started gazing at her from his rear-view mirror and started masturbation. Shahtaj also recorded a video clip while sitting in the pillion seat of the rickshaw.

Following the creepy move, the girl informed her mother. The passengers then asked the rickshaw driver to stop near Nipa and got out of the ride.

Soon as he stopped the rickshaw, Qadir then started hitting him on his face and chest on which the driver asked “Baji, kia hoa? Meine tou kuch nahi kia.” In a bid to escape, the man pushed her away and drove off into the mid of the night. 


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Here are some of the reactions of the public after she posted the event on social media: