PM Imran briefed on reuse of heritage buildings

01:41 PM | 13 Sep, 2018
PM Imran briefed on reuse of heritage buildings
ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Imran Khan chaired a briefing on re-use of Heritage Buildings at Prime Minister’s Office on Thursday.

Minister for Education, Mr. Shafqat Mehmood briefed the Prime Minister on the progress made so far on the proposed reuse plan of heritage buildings. The meeting was attended by architect Samar Ali Khan, Nayyer Ali Dada and other officials.

The Minister will brief the media, in details about the plan in his press conference.

The 22nd prime minister is receiving briefings from different departments nowadays to access the fault lines in Pakistan's administrative structure.

He has received briefings on security, energy, water and state-owned land across the country in recent days and plans to execute strategies in line with the administrative bottlenecks.