World's longest straight-line sea route starts from Pakistan

09:28 AM | 13 Sep, 2018
World's longest straight-line sea route starts from Pakistan
Endorsing the significance of the strategic location of Pakistan on the earth, a team of foreign scientists has declared that the longest straight-line sea route began from southern Pakistan and ended at northeastern Russian, yielding a trip of 32,090.3 kilometers, according to Science Magazine.

The scientific research to trace world's longest boat ride without any rudder was started when a Reddit user named kepleronlyknows, aka Patrick Anderson, highlighted it some five years ago.

Anderson, an environmental law attorney in Decatur, Georgia says he first became intrigued by the question when he was surfing the internet, adding that the line appeared in an entry titled “Extreme points of Earth.”

Later, Anderson mapped the points and published a video to show that the line was, in fact, straight.

“You may be a bit disappointed, as I did not discover the path, but merely thought it was cool enough to put on a map,” he says.

Rohan Chabukswar, a physicist at United Technologies Research Center Ireland in Cork, wanted to conduct research on it as he says: “There was no proof,”.

To get it, he and his colleague Kushal Mukherjee, an engineer at IBM Research India in New Delhi, had launched the investigation with data acquired from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which shows the entire planet at a spatial resolution of approximately 1.8 kilometers, meaning the smallest features captured by the map would be 1.8 kilometers in size.

After using complex methods, the scientists finally proved the longest straight-line sea journey on Earth.

"The journey would take a boat from the sandy shores near Sonmiani, Pakistan, down through the gap between Madagascar and continental Africa, threading the needle between South America and Antarctica, and finally heading north-northwest across the Pacific Ocean while dodging the Alaskan archipelago until landing on the frigid beaches of the Karaginsky District in Russia" read the article.