Turkey 'appoints' ambassador to Israel after two years

06:18 PM | 14 Dec, 2020
Turkey 'appoints' ambassador to Israel after two years

ANKARA – Turkey has reportedly picked a new ambassador to Israel to fill the diplomatic post left vacant for over two years.

Ufuk Ulutas, 40, formerly studied at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The chairman for the Center for Strategic Research at the Turkish Foreign Ministry, Ulutas is not a career diplomat but “very polished,” “very clever” and “very pro-Palestinian,” said an al-Monitor report report, which quoted “well-placed sources.” 

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The move to appoint Ufuk Ulutas, 40, as the new Turkish ambassador is part of an attempt to improve ties with incoming President-elect Joe Biden’s administration, the report added.

Ankara withdrew its envoy to Israel in 2018 over deadly attacks on the Palestinians in besieged Gaza.

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