Twitter lashes out at Abdul Razzak over sexist remarks directed at Nida Dar

05:18 PM | 14 Jul, 2021
Twitter lashes out at Abdul Razzak over sexist remarks directed at Nida Dar

Former cricketer Abdul Razzaq has landed in hot waters as his recent interview started doing rounds on the internet where he casually directs sexist remarks towards Nida Dar of Pakistan's women's cricket team.

A prime example of humour in bad taste, Razzaq sat down with Dar in a talk show hosted by versatile superstar Nouman Ijaz. But the constant attacks and insults directed at the female cricketer have triggered a debate online.

During the show, the participants discussed women in sports but Razzaq made sexist remarks over Dar's appearance and future in the sport.

The Raqeeb Se star questioned what Dar would have chosen as a career to which she replied that she still would have opted to be a professional athlete.

Abdul jumped in and said, "Do you have some kind of allergy with marriage? You don't want to talk about it at all." 

Dar then commented, "They try to play the sport as much as they can since you never know after the wedding."

Discussing the marriage topic, he went on to say, "Oh, they don't get married, Their field is as such. When they become cricketers, they strive to be as equal as their male counterparts, if not better than them. They want to prove that not only men, but they can also do it as well. The feeling is is gone by the time they excel."

Giving a befitting response to Razzaq's chauvinist remarks, she hit back, "Our profession is such that we have to gym. We have to bat, bowl, field. Hence, we have to stay fit."

Interrupting Dar, Razzaq added, "You can tell by the haircut she has." others continued to laugh at the so-called jest.

Twitter seems enraged over the following prospect as the keyboard warriors got vocal about their opinions.

The clip has gone viral and irked many with Razzaq being called out for his sexist comments.

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