How much does an average Pakistani need to work to buy the latest iPhone XS? Shocking data puts Pakistan on number 2 spot

03:19 PM | 14 Sep, 2018
How much does an average Pakistani need to work to buy the latest iPhone XS? Shocking data puts Pakistan on number 2 spot
ISLAMABAD - The launch of Apple's new iPhone models has moved people to look out for financial resources to clinch the novel gadget, with data curated to the extent that how much one needs to work to buy the handheld device.

An interesting data shows that an average Pakistani needs to invest 88.6 days in his profession to buy latest iPhone XS 64 GB, falling at the second last spot in the table devised in terms of work days needed for citizens from across the globe.

Interestingly, despite having to work for so many days to buy the Apple rollout, there is no official store of the US tech giant in Pakistan and only third-party resellers offer the product; an increased price up to 20 or 30 per cent is charged from an average Pakistani due to non-availability of the official store.

Tabulated by Picodi, the data shows that professionals in the Philippines need to work for 156.6 days to purchase Apple's  iPhone XS - which was released on September 12.

Argentina comes at the third last spot with citizens needed to work for 60.1 days to procure  iPhone XS, the price of which is $999 for the 64 GB variant.

Interestingly, the iPhones are designed in California, however, its citizens are not at liberty when it comes to buying the product. An average American needs the earnings from 8.4 days to buy the phone.

On the other end, Swiss people top the chart as they only need 5.1 days' earning to clinch the iPhone model, succeeded by citizens of Luxembourg with earnings of 6.9 days to bag the gadget.

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A brief comparison of workdays needed against buying the iPhone is as under:

Country   Workdays Needed

Norway          7.5

UAE                7.6

Denmark       7.7

USA                8.4

Australia        8.6

What About Indians

Though Pakistan's neighbour India is slowly becoming a hub of technology, the workdays needed for the citizens to buy the phone depict a gleamy picture of per capita income in the country led by Narendra Modi.

An average India needs to work for two months, 59.9 days to be precise, in a bid to buy the latest iPhone, as per the statistics put forth by Picodi.