Pakistan’s former envoy to Italy found guilty of ‘sexually harassing’ female officer

05:26 PM | 15 May, 2022
Pakistan’s former envoy to Italy found guilty of ‘sexually harassing’ female officer
Source: @payf_eng (Twitter)

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan’s former ambassador to Italy Nadeem Riaz has been found guilty of sexually harassing a Pakistani official of the Rome embassy.

Reports in local media said the federal ombudsperson has recommended the dismissal of Nadeem Riyaz, years after Saira Imdad, the female official of the Foreign Affairs Ministry reported sexual harassment.

Federal Ombudsperson for Protection against Harassment of Women at Workplaces Kashmala Tariq Khan ordered the dismissal of Riyaz from the service and also imposed an Rs50 lac fine, which would be paid to the complainant.

The expulsion from the service of the diplomat was of symbolic value, as Riaz is already retired. Tariq instructed Foreign Office officials to implement the decision in letter and spirit within seven days and submit the report.

Meanwhile, Saira, a grade 20 officer, expressed her gratitude in a recent tweet. “Won my sexual harassment claim against Nadeem Riaz, ex-Ambassador to Italy. It was a long fight for justice and would especially like to thank my lawyer for vociferously arguing my case,” the tweet reads.

She also thanked Kashmala for patiently hearing and deciding her case.

In late 2018, Saira alleged that Nadeem forced her to travel with him to places unrelated to her job. She claimed that the former envoy also pushed to arrange residence near his own.

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The complainant further alleges several things which she claimed were ‘unethical in nature’.  She accused the former envoy of treating her in a “disrespectful, hostile and humiliating manner”.