Frieha Altaf labels Iman Aly’s interview ‘a cheap publicity stunt’

03:04 PM | 16 Apr, 2020
Frieha Altaf labels Iman Aly’s interview ‘a cheap publicity stunt’

Supermodel Iman Ali landed in trouble after she was called out for some of her comments by fellow model Mushk Kaleem. During her appearance at Iffat Omar’s web show, Iman talked about how models today are not as smart and knowledgeable as they used to be.

She also took a dig at the way the models these days communicate with each other.

After Mushk, former supermodel and celebrity, Frieha Altaf also criticised Iman for her recent comments.

“I’m extremely surprised in Iman Ali’s behaviour, ” the PR mogul shared on Twitter.

“She demeans not just models but criticised Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan,” Frieha added.

Altaf also talked about the segment when Iman was asked what the celebs would be if they weren’t actors. To this, Iman commented, “Fawad could have been a failed stand up comedian while Mahira should have stayed a VJ.”

“A cheap publicity stunt as she has a movie coming up. Shame on anyone who ridicules success with condescension,” Frieha continued.

Apart from Mushk and Frieha, Iman Aly’s comments didn’t sit well with famous designer Maheen Khan either.

Sharing her two cents on the matter, Khan wrote:

“Disappointed is the word. In the end, Iman Ali will be the loser as she has revealed her true caliber. Very, very sad.”

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