Online fraud! Indian journalist quits NDTV to take up unreal 'Harvard job offer'

07:59 PM | 16 Jan, 2021
Online fraud! Indian journalist quits NDTV to take up unreal 'Harvard job offer'

NEW DELHI – An Indian journalist has fallen victim to a sophisticated and coordinated phishing attack that compelled her quit her job at NDTV for a bogus job offer at Harvard University. 

In a tweet, Nidhi Razdan said she received a job offer as associate professor of journalism at the renowned university. She was delayed on the pretext of the Covid lockdown. But when she was asked personal information that felt unnecessary, she contacted the university and shared her correspondence. The university told her that they had in fact not sent her any job offer.

She has submitted a complaint with the police and hopes to find the perpetrators.

Razdan is a well-known face on Indian television as she had her own show on the national TV channel, NDTV. But the response to her tweet was mixed.

On the one hand, there were people who empathised with her and expressed their sadness. On the other, there were people who slammed her for being so naïve as it is well established that Harvard does not have a journalism department.

People were also seen lashing out on her for the way she did programmes on Kashmir which were meant to please the Indian establishment and encourage negative sentiment against Pakistan and the Kashmiri freedom fighters.

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